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Bad Hyena Night

Saturday, January 12, 2013 posted by Bruce 1:27 PM

This is what happens when you get lax….or was it just an oversight…? Needless to say, I lost my great little Sony S40 cam in a Plano 1449 and SSII with double AA externals to some tenacious hyenas. It was a great little cam and took good photos.  And yes, it was the S40 hacked by Joe 12-Ringer I won in last year’s camera trap competition held by I took this homebrew to Kenya as a quick-setup cam mainly to be used by the side of the road and hence, there was no ‘Python’ locking cable. Unfortunately, I also lost a whole bunch of photos that the cam took because I used some sticky tape to hold it in position above a Bushnell Trophy Cam. The rest is history.

PS: I do have two spare S40s with boxes and sensor boards that will be built some time in the near future. They are great little cams…!

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