Nikon D700 captures Indochinese tiger

Saturday, January 25, 2014posted by Bruce 4:39 PM

My first good catch with a DSLR trail cam..!

D700 capture Indochinese tiger 1

D700 capture Indochinese tiger 2

It has taken me long enough. When I first set-up my Nikon D700 and after months of frustration using wireless flash triggers (two different makes), I have come to the conclusion that the only way to capture elusive wildlife with a DSLR and get that first shot; hard-wire the flashes with a TTL sync cord is the only way to go. These two shots of an Indochinese tiger shown here was captured in January 2014 using my D700 and a Nikon 10mm fixed lens in conjunction with a Nikon ML-3 remote trigger and one SB-28 and one SB-600 Speedlight.

I have cropped these two photos. While at the cam, I replaced the 10mm with a 24mm manual lens and refocused to take in the tighter crop. The 10mm was too wide for this location. On my next visit in a week or so, I will put a 35mm lens to get an even tighter frame. Also need to add one more flash above the cam as the shadow of the log on the right is not too good. Needless to say, the hard-wired flashes are still going and burn very little power on standby. I will also hard wire my other cams one at a time to do away with the useless wireless triggers. Enjoy…!!





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