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More LBK ‘Clear-view’ camera traps

Monday, August 20, 2012 posted by Bruce 5:56 PM

Sony S600-S40/Plano 1449/SSII/4 AA externals homebrew cams

This year’s competition in was great and really a challenge to make a winning shot. I was surprised to see my ‘Needle in the Haystack’ leopard actually place and when all the winners took their prizes according to their rating, I was left with a Sony S40. I felt extremely lucky to win this cam hacked by Joe 12-Ringer and waited patiently to get my prize, as I have never have had one and wanted to use it for a homebrew.

Sony S40 and S600, Plano 1449 case, Snapshotsniper II boards and 4 AA externals

While I was in the States recently, I visited Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Albany, NY. It took me awhile, but I eventually found some Plano cases Model 1449 that looked perfect for camera traps. I liked the clamp that looked strong, and the seal was nice and soft for a watertight seal similar to rope seal. The case looked plenty strong and the internal dimensions would allow two twin-AA externals. With Gary’s SSII, I can get everything in with room to spare. A snorkel was machined from 3/16” thick aluminum tubing.

Ready for final assembly

While I was in the U.S., I had several cameras working in the forest here in my usual locations including two Sony S600s/1020s/SSIs with security tubes. These had elephant proof boxes with Python locking cables and two 3/8” Stainless lag bolts at the bottom of the box but one was in a very low down set-up. An elephant found it and decided to give it a whirl. The giant managed to bend the bolts 90 degrees and finally dislodged it from the horizontal tree and stepped on the cam breaking the glass. The 5/16” ‘Python Locking Cable’ however survived the ordeal.

S600 unit in a ‘elephant proof’ box

Fortunately, the S600 and board is still working so I decided to build another cam using the S600 and the 1449 (same set-up as the S40 above). Machining the cases for the snorkel and the HPWA is pretty straightforward. I have begun making the ‘elephant proof boxes’ which need further work but will get these done just before my next trip into the forest. I will up-date this post with pictures when these are done.

Machining S40 faceplate


Finished S600 faceplate painted with primer

Camouflage painting both cams

Finished S600/S40 cams ready for the field

Both units setup on a fallen tree on a game trail


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