Got an ‘Indochinese tiger’ with my DSLR Canon 350D trail cam

Wednesday, April 3, 2013posted by Bruce 9:38 PM

Indochinese tiger in Huai Kha Khaeng

Last year in March 2012, I did a post on a DSLR Canon 400D with three wireless Canon 270 flashes ( After months of failure, wrong settings and bad luck, I was at wit’s end. I set the cam in the forest but it would only work for a day or two and go dead. After consultations with TRLcam, I finally got the settings right. Then an elephant bashed in the snorkel and rainwater destroyed the cam, board and flash trigger. It was a mess and that Canon is now in my camera graveyard…!

Elephants on the trail

Fortunately, I had another Canon, a 350D that was working well with a Yeticam board with an EOS chip I got from Mark at As both cameras are about the same size, the slightly smaller one fits perfectly in the aluminum box with a Canon 18-55mm lens. All new components were replaced and I finally set the cam on my ‘new trail’ on Feb.3 and got back to it on March 31st.

Gaur bull 

Imagine my surprise when I viewed the files and saw a tiger had passed and two flashes worked. I also got elephant, gaur and black bear but not before an elephant bashed the snorkel again. Fortunately, it did not rain this time and the cam and components are fine. Amazingly, the cam took some 500 images but most are black because of no flash power that had run out about two weeks into the stint.

Sambar stag

It’s back to the drawing board on the snorkel and increased battery packs (2 ‘C’ or ‘D’ cells) for the flashes. Due to the extremely dry season and forest fire, I have just pulled all my cams until the first rains arrive.

Busted camera damaged by elephants

I agree with TRLcam and a few others that a new forum should be set-up for DSLR camera traps as they are truly in a class of their own. Enjoy.

DSLR Canon 350D set-up

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