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Happy New Year 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 posted by Bruce 11:01 PM

Tigers sparring in the lake at Tadoba

The photo above was my best for 2013 and I will remember the morning I took this shot. I was in India and tigers were just about everywhere. I hope one day I can return to this amazing place with one of the country’s great wildlife reserves with very good conservation practices in place. But it is still under threat from politics and poaching which can slowly erode an ecosystem in a short time…! But there are also tigers still roaming several forests in Thailand.

The Kingdom is normally a very peaceful country with a great history and beautiful natural heritage. It has been my home for 48 years, and I love the King who is a very wise and gentle man. He made a royal statement recently that the Feb. 2 elections should go on but the present situation is the worst I have seen since the ‘yellow shirts’ took over the airports and government house, and then the red shirts took over several parts of downtown Bangkok. We are being pushed into a corner by politically motivated groups and the latest one is driving a wedge into Thailand’s stability.

It saddens me to see this going on with these groups flaunting corruption as the sole source of their insurrection but the fact of the matter, they are just as corrupt as the opposite side and hence, do not have a leg to stand on or to make a case. Unfortunately, the people who follow this group are blind to these facts. This is only my opinion, and if you feel my words are too strong or one-sided, please forgive me….!!  Have a good 2014.

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