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There are Two Sides to every Story…!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 posted by Bruce 12:10 PM

In response to a post on Facebook by Anu Marwah on April 25, 2018 at 11/143 ground floor, Shivalik Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 110017 India Tel:


This post may not interest most of you but if you have time and want to know what really happened on my recent trip to India from Feb. to March, 2018, have a read and see my side of the story. There are always two-sides to every story. I feel compelled to put this down on Facebook social media just like Anu Marwah did on her Facebook page slandering me. Many people on my page that know me personally, are aware that I can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges but when it comes to friendship, I always give my best; 100%. I have a good heart and believe loyalty is the number one thing in any friendship. However, I do speak my mind especially when I get screwed and defamed by a so-called freelance Indian agent from Delhi. I will not just stand by and let that person get away without a fight.

Anu Marwah smoking in Corbett National Park with cigarette in hand…!

When you fork out over U.S. $13,000 for a month and six extra days for a scheduled trip to just three of India’s tiger sites (Corbett, Kanha and Bandhavgarh), a crocodile/gharial site (Chambal River near Agra), dinosaur fossil beds (Gujarat), and finally the Taj Mahal (Agra), you would expect the best possible service regardless of any shortcomings, especially when your agent is supposed to be a close friend.

Having known Anu Marwah since 2014, we developed a working relationship that steadily got more expensive and prone to problems in the management of my trips. But I overlooked these minor problems for the most part. In 2015, I visited twice that year and went to various tiger reserves around the country (the management and trip was excellent the first year). I then made a trip in 2016 (OK), 2017 (fair) and finally 2018 which turned into a disaster as far as I’m concerned as I have outlined below. I could see the degradation of my trips as the years went by but still tried to believe she was legitimate and straight forward because we were suppose, to be friends.  

Close-up of Marwah…!

In her post shown below, she has made such trivial and childless remarks like I was difficult to handle, and others such as me calling her sweet driver ‘Rasheed’, gay, impotent and a lady boy, and then said I got angry at our naturalist ‘Doogla’ (not sure about the spelling) over his quick departure when we got back to Ramnagar town after a four-day safari in Corbett. We had planned a dinner but that was cancelled by Anu who had her own agenda. insignificant nonsense to say the least.

Then she says I was drunk in the park but the simple fact is: drinking alcohol is forbidden and being diabetic, I don’t hardly drink. I may be old and forgetful but I am not a drunk. The driver, naturalist and I were always jousting and teasing each other as good friends do, and I have known both of these guys since 2015; we were close. She goes on to say I was acting like a god and yelling profanities at park officials (I would not have got in any park if I had done that) which is false. She also continually argued with me near the end saying my equipment (Nikon) was not as good as her equipment (Canon), and I decided to ignore these attacks by her. Her remarks and arguments were absolute nonsense.

Then she says I abused her friend, the owner of a resort in Uttarakhand for not being there when I arrived. However, he was already gone the day before I got there and he knew I was arriving. Come to find out, his father is not well. We are friends on FB after several trips to his lodge so I just surmised he would be there. I gave his lodge good marks on Trip Advisor.  Marwah was not even present so how does she know I got upset at him? Again, just another presumption, hearsay and lie by her.

Then she accuses me of having a fit on a Spice Jet flight down to Jabalpur over poor service. I had already told her that I absolutely did not want to use this airline due to some very poor service on previous flights. But this year, she put me on anyway and I did not realize until it was too late which was my own fault for not checking more closely. But how can she accuse me of having a fit on the flight when she was not there?  Just another fabrication by a real liar and con artist.

She then goes on to say we were tardy in paying her for the 2018 trip. Come to find out, her name was misspelled from the very beginning in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as my daughter used the same banking service from the start. But this year, some sharp-eyed clerk at her own bank caught the misspelling and stopped payment. She then blamed my daughter for holding back the money. I got very perturbed at her over this. We always payed our debts to her even though we may have been a bit slow at times. She became more expensive as the years progressed and I failed to address this being my own fault. However, she had no problem taking our money and became extremely upset when it was late on the last payment for the 2018 trip. This simple problem shows how selfish and greedy she really is, and that she cares only about the money.

It really goes downhill from here. Marwah has never been to Thailand and knows nothing about my life here. She made several accusations that I was unpopular and that I got thrown out of a park. I’ve been working with the Department of National Parks here for over 20 years and I am well respected as one of Thailand’s top wildlife photographers, author of three wildlife photography books dedicated to Thailand’s Royal Family, and a journalist for the Bangkok Post. I will probably write and publish this whole fiasco in the newspaper which goes all over the world so that the news can get out there. I can enter and work in any national park or wildlife sanctuary throughout the country. Furthermore, I’m working on my forth book about Thailand, India and Africa for the new King, Rama 10th coming out next year. Her statements are pure defamation, rubbish and hearsay, and are not true.

Then it gets really low when she tries to discredit me with my wife and daughter by saying Marwah went out of her way shopping for me to buy a ‘Saree’ for my ‘lady friend’ as she calls it but had no idea of my relationship with my friend here. I have known Natasha (La) in Thailand for 35 years. Marwah asked me several times if she was a girl friend and I said no. In fact, my wife knows both La and her husband, Rod. This is simply just another lie by Marwah. When we were still friends, she was glad to help me out and had no problem buying the Saree for my friend. I gave her $100 U.S. but never got any change when she said there was (about $20) left. She thinks she can cause a big rift between me and my family. They don’t believe Marwah at all because my wife met her when she arrived in Delhi and knew then that she was slippery. But this is how low she will go to get back at me. Absolutely non-professional and vindictive.

To understand how bad Marwah really is, we need to go back to 2014-2015-2016 when she and a so-called Jason Fernandes from Mumbai were running ‘Wilderness Uncut’ where they ripped off quite a few clients and hotel owners. Most people in India in the know are well aware of their behavior. They quickly made a name for themselves. Fernandes was caught smoking cigarettes in Kanha Tiger Reserve which is illegal and was eventually banned from entering many national parks around the country because of his bad behavior that went viral on the Net. They split up and she went into hiding. Furthermore, she continues to smoke in all the parks she now visits as I have seen her on many occasions (see the photo of her in Corbett) but some how has the guards in her pocket, and usually slips off into a woman’s toilet or behind a building. At the end of the day, she is addicted to this nasty habit and this is how she operates breaking and evading the Forest Department law.

Close-up of a cigarette in the hand of Marwah while in Corbett when no one was around…!

My recommendation: if you want to visit India to see tigers, use a reputable guide service that specializes in this package and there are many that are registered with the government. Stay away from free-lancers and self-proclaimed agents (unless you really know them) to avoid problems. They do not have to answer to anyone or government tourist agency. This is my finale statement about this very bad individual and her behavior as a so-called Indian free-lance wildlife photography agent from Delhi named Anu Marwah…!! 

Her post can be found on her Facebook page on April 25th, 2018

Calling the attention of friends and colleagues in the wildlife travel trade. This note goes out to everyone who has ever had to deal with difficult and unreasonable clients.

The phrase “The customer is always right” was originally coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, and is dated, there are many journals published which prove beyond doubt that “the customer is not always right”

This is WRT to a now former client of mine Mr Lawrence Bruce Kekule. I am writing this to highlight how even a service provider can be wronged by a client and the customer is not always right and a may be we as Indian stretch ours selves a little too much to cater to foreigners and take the “Atithi Devo Bhava” a little too seriously.

This individual has always been difficult to handle , however he has taken things a little too far and probably operates on the assumption that since he is a client he has the loudest voice. Bordering Narcissism as a personality trait , he’s rude, constantly makes derogatory remarks about India and its people, constantly complains about people he has had a falling out with and the list of such individuals is never ending.

1stly he insisted I make bookings for his trip stating he shall make payments shortly. Which owing to the long standing association with him I did.

2ndly on landing in India on 15th Feb he assured me his daughter would be making the remaining payments in a days time. The payment were delayed and i was told they were having difficulties making the payment. Almost 20 days into his 30 day long trip on 3rd of March, on following up i was assured the payment was done. On the 30th and last day of the original trip 15th March i was informed by my bank that they have received a transfer with my name spelled wrongly and hence they would not be able to process the same.

Inspite of this I not only let his trip go on seamlessly without having received 50% of the amount due but also had to face embarrassing follow up’s by vendors and I paid out of my pocket to ensure the vendors did not suffer and also to protect my payment track record because of this delay. While the daughter has been apologetic this gentleman decided to blame it on me and the receiving bank for this. Anyone who is aware of how NET BANKING works would know who enters the name.

3rdly not only was I now doing his trip without payment i was asked to extend his trip by another 5 days to go visit the Taj. The itinerary with inclusions was shared with the daughter as well as the client. However he chose to blame me for not providing services which were never even part of the agreed itinerary. In this case a guide for the Taj, which in his words “just a quick visit, takes some photos to tick it off my bucket list”. He hired a guide himself, was careless with his camera and ended up losing a lens. Every individual is responsible for their own personal belongings however he decided to blame me for the loss.

4thly Owing to the long standing association i had mentioned to him on a casual FB chat that I would TRY and join him for a few days in the Bandhavgarh leg of his trip however i would confirm that only on his arrival in India. Which i informed him that since Bandhavgarh would not be possible I had made arrangements to accompany him to Corbett instead, which I did and also went to Bandhavgarhjust to please the guy. This again was never part of the inclusion or agreed upon in the itinerary, but a friendly gesture from my end. This individual however doesn’t understand niceties and claims i Abandoned him.

As a service provider i went way beyond my KRA,

1. shopping for dresses for his lady friends in thailand, him my camera and lens to shoot when both his camera batteries were discharged during an important sighting, as he was too drunk the previous night to do the bare basic checks any photographer would.
3.Put up with his constant abuse of our country and its people his fav term “Bloody Indians”.
4. Having to pacify my driver in corbett, when this individual constantly kept calling him Gay, impotent and even a lady boy.
5. Storing his luggage and dirty laundry at home while he travelled.
6. giving him my alternate number sim card so that he could be in touch with family as his ph wasnt not working in india, which he conveniently never returned and told me it fell down the toilet.

Such people can never be pleased and always seek to find faults in others for their own shortcomings. In fact on a phone conversation on the 21st of March his daughter asked me how i managed to put up with him for so many years as he has never had a cordial working relationship with anyone which lasted more than a few months or a year. I have been informed that he has had several arguments and fights with people in the wildlife community in Thailand and is highly unpopular and as recent as a few months ago he was thrown out of Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary by the Park Director, who he calls a “Flat Chested Lesbian”

In the past too several instances of his rude erratic and insolent behaviour has cropped up where he has used the most fowl language possible and on being shown proof how he was wrong his only respond would be “oh well” I have ignore and put up with this just because he was a customer.

1. Lost his passport , got a new one, did not inform me , asked me to book his park tickets. When stopped at the park gates for the ID mismatch, starts throwing a fit yelling profanities.
2. Doesnt read emails and itineraries, for a certain NP he was informed in written that the camera fee needs to be paid directly at the gate, conveniently forgets, yells at the guide, says he is being fleeced and cheated, and when shown the mail sent to him goes silent, no apologies, not a word.
3. Throws a fit when a Spice Jet Attendant didnt get him a glass of water the 1st time he asked for it. Complains and blames me that the flight to Jabalpur is an ATR(I DO NOT RUN THE AVIATION MINISTRY OR THE AIRLINE ) ????
5. Abused a Lodge owner for not being around at the lodge to meet him, when they never even agreed on a date and time to meet up.
6. Got angry at his naturalist who spent 4 days at Dhikala with him for not joining him at the Resort at Ramnagar for drinks, because the Naturalist son was unwell and as a father after being away from home for 4 days his priority was the son not the drinks.

I could go on and on but i guess you see the behaviour pattern.

We as service providers always tend to treat clients with utmost care and go above and beyond whats required of us, however being nice and polite should not be taken as sign of weakness. A customer is not always right and with the messed up world we live in more often than not such Abrasive characters do turn up who operate on the assumption Customer is god and need to be called out for it.



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