The ‘Big Five’ in five days – Part Three

Tuesday, November 8, 2011posted by Bruce 1:23 PM

Additional photographs acquired on my first African Safari in 2010

Mother lion and cubs in Sweetwaters Game Reserve

Mount Kenya taken from Sweetwaters early in the morning

Nile crocodile by the river in Samburu National Reserve

Zebras grazing in Sweetwaters grassland

Wildebeest and zebra crossing the Mara River during migration

White rhinos in Lake Nakuru

Another white rhino in Lake Nakuru

Waterbuck female in Lake Nakuru

Topi antelope showing affection in Masai Mara

Reticulated giraffe in Sweetwaters

Impala buck at night in Sweetwaters tented camp

African hare at night in Sweetwaters tented camp

Female lion on the Masai Mara

Griffon vulture in Sweetwaters

Grevy’s stallion in Samburu

Giraffes at a waterhole in Sweetwaters

Cheetah male resting in the Masai Mara

Cape Buffalo bulls sparing in Lake Nakuru

Buffalo bulls sparing

Cape buffalo and oxpecker in the Masai Mara

Black-backed jackal pair in Sweetwaters

An elephant in Samburu

The same elephant

And the elephant’s rear end

Great cormorant in Lake Nakuru

Kudu cow in Samburu

Gamma lizard in Lake Nakuru with a ‘regenerated tail’

African painted stork in Lake Nakuru

Painted storks in Lake Nakuru

Red-billed hornbill in Samburu

Female leopard in Samburu

Tail-end of a male leopard on the last day of the safari in Samburu

A Kenyan ranger at a truck-stop near Samburu

“They mean business and shoot to kill any poachers who enter the park”

Marabou storks in Lamu Island, East coast of Kenya

Northern Carmine bee-eaters in Lamu Island, a World Heritage Site

And that closes out this safari which was an amazing wildlife photographic adventure for me. I hope that everyone has enjoyed these images. In the works is my safari to Kenya once again in August of 2011, and I will post this very soon. Please comment and your feedback is always welcome.

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